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Warmly Celebrate the 24 Years of STRONG H Company’s Establishment

Release time: 2020-06-23

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Warmly Celebrate the 24 Years of STRONG H Company’s Establishment

From 1996 to 2020, STRONG H Company has gone through 24 years. In these 24 years, STRONG H Company has continuously innovated. From sewing machine parts to sewing machine devices to mask machines and the new equipment currently being developed, STRONG H Company has continuously broken through and devoted itself to high-quality products. 

STRONG H Company

With the help of advanced automation equipment and excellent technical team, our sewing machine spare parts and equipment products have been recognized by customers in various countries, STRONG H brand enjoys a worldwide reputation. In recent years, our company has continuously developed cross-industry products. Under the epidemic situation, in order to help the epidemic situation, our company has actively developed mask machines to solve the problem of shortage of mask materials. At present, our mask machines have formed a batch scale, and the products are exported to many countries such as America, Europe, India, Turkey and so on. In the future, our company will work harder and continuously innovate, adhering to the company's tenet: quality is the highest priority, delivery should be on time, service should be sincere and fast, and good reputation should be created. 

STRONG H people are always making progress and climbing the peak bravely, providing customers with better quality products, striving to become China's first-class precision sewing machine parts and equipment processing enterprise and become a world-class supplier.