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A must-see for mask buyers! 8 important parts of mask machine(Part I)

Release time: 2020-07-23

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A must-see for mask buyers! 8 important parts of mask machine(Part I)

The outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020 has caused the price of fully automatic ventilator to rise all the way, and the price in the sales market has doubled, tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of yuan, and what is the most critical and valuable mask machine equipment composition section? Strong H Mask Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will take you to take a look at the mechanical equipment composition of the fully automatic mask machine!


fully automatic mask machine

Fully automatic mask machine

Customers should pay attention to the following 8 components when purchasing a fully automatic mask machine:


1. The control panel is the "human brain" of the fully automatic mask machine


The control board refers to the master device that changes the wiring of the main power circuit or control circuit and changes the resistance in the power circuit in accordance with the order of booking to control the starting, speed change, braking system and the reverse direction of the motor; and in the machine equipment of fully automated technology Common control boards include PLC, industrial computer, etc.


PLC programmable logic control board selects a type of programmable controller memory to store program flow in its internal storage, implement or operation, sequence program, timing execution, counting and arithmetic actual operations and other user-centric commands, Operate various types of mechanical equipment or processing processes according to data or digital analog input/output.


2. Intelligent robots are the "implementers" of fully automatic mask machines


Intelligent robots are equipments that work fully automatically. They can not only accept people's guidance, but also operate pre-edited procedures, and use artificial intelligence technology to formulate standard outline actions.


The key function is to help or replace people in work, such as the production industry, construction industry, or risky work. It is generally composed of electric actuators, drive equipment, inspection equipment, automatic control systems, and complicated mechanical equipment.

fully automatic mask machine

 Fully automatic mask machine


3. The AC servo motor is the "whole body muscle" of the automatic technology mask machine to show the driving force


AC servo motor refers to the diesel engine that manipulates mechanical equipment components in the servo control system, subsidizing the indirect speed change device of the motor; the AC servo motor can make the operating speed and the precision of the position very accurate, and convert the working voltage data signal into the torque And the speed ratio to drive the target.


The rotor speed ratio of the AC servo motor is controlled by the input data signal and can respond quickly. In the fully automatic automatic control system, it is used as an implementation component and has the characteristics of small steady-state value, high linearity, and starting working voltage in electromechanical engineering. The received electronic signal can be converted into the angular velocity or angular velocity output on the motor shaft; it is divided into two types: DC and AC servo motors. Its main feature is that there is no uniform rotation when the data signal working voltage is zero. As the torque increases, the average speed decreases.


4.The relay is the power switch of the automatic technology mask machine


A relay is a mechanical device operated by electromagnetic induction. It is a basic component of automation technology used to manipulate liquids. It belongs to an electric actuator and is not limited to hydraulic and pneumatic.


It is used in industrial production automatic control systems to adjust the orientation, total flow, rate and other main parameters of substances. Relays can cooperate with different power circuits to complete the estimated operation, and the precision and coordination ability of the operation can be ensured; there are many kinds of relays, and different relays can give full play to different parts of the automatic control system. The common ones are this product, valve, azimuth pressure regulating valve, rate regulating valve, etc.

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