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A must-see for mask buyers! 8 important parts of mask machine(Part Ⅱ)

Release time: 2020-07-28

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A must-see for mask buyers! 8 important parts of mask machine(Part Ⅱ)

In the previous article, we described the 4 components of the 8 important structures of the mask machine. In this article, we will continue to talk about the remaining 4 important components.

Mask Machine

Mask Machine

5.Industrial cameras are the "eyes" of automatic mask machines


Industrial cameras are an important part of the machine vision technology system software. Its most essential function is to convert light signals into AFT-808 small and medium-sized ultra-clear industrial cameras into orderly electronic signals; industrial cameras are generally installed in equipment The production line replaces the human eyes for accurate measurement and discrimination, which is converted into image data signals according to the overall target of color image intake, and transmitted to the dedicated image processing system software.


The image carries out various calculations on the data signal of the system to extract the characteristics of the overall target, thereby manipulating the posture of the machine equipment on the spot based on the result of the discrimination.


6. The instrument equipment is the adjustment system software of the automatic technology mask machine


Instrumentation equipment is equipment or machinery used to detect, accurately measure, observe, and calculate various scalar quantities, chemical substance components, and main physical properties. Vacuum leak detectors, barometers, length gauges, optical microscopes, multipliers, etc. all belong to the equipment.


A variety of instruments and equipment must be used in automated factories, such as accurate measurement of working pressure, level gauges, total flow, temperature and other variables necessary in the operation process, and relevant instrumentation and equipment must be used;


Flat mask machine

Flat Mask Machine

7. Automation software is the "cardiovascular" of automated technology mask machines


Because of the development trend of integrated supervision of industrial production automatic control system, the control engineering network Yading, industrial production automatic control system is connected with traditional IT management system software and its Internet technology, and more and more general software, General hardware configuration and general agreement, the more common SCADA automation software.


SCADA automation technology is the data collection and video monitoring system that everyone often talks about. Mainly supported by electronic information technology, system software for the automation of production scheduling machinery for various processing processes; SCADA automation software, which can carry out long-term precision monitoring of production and manufacturing without human supervision. It also obtains reasonable information content and data information from this, which provides a strong reference for the management and control personnel.


8. The control box is the central nervous system of the automated technology mask machine

There are many kinds of control boxes, including electric control cabinets, inverter control cabinets, bottom pressure control boxes, high pressure control boxes, water pump control cabinets, switching power supply control boxes, explosion-proof control cabinets, elevator control cabinets, PLC control cabinets, and fire control cabinets. , Brick making machine control box these.


In an automated factory, electrical equipment, DC frequency conversion, switching power supply, and these control boxes are involved. We have to choose different control boxes according to different requirements to complete different control functions.