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Automatic medical flat mask machine

Release time: 2020-09-21

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Automatic medical flat mask machine

The fully automatic medical flat mask machine refers to the machine that manufactures medical flat masks, and it is the best-selling mask machine. The equipment is controlled by PLC programming, through automatic feeding, embossing, half-folding, trimming, flipping, welding earbands and other processes at one time, and successfully developed and designed a new fully automatic medical flat mask machine. This machine has a high degree of automation and operation. Simple and more user-friendly features.


automatic medical flat mask machine

The whole machine is composed of material rack part, upper nose line part, shape welding part, folding forming, shape cutter part, welding ear strap part, and finished product output. It adopts servo motor and ultrasonic welding technology to complete production.


1. Material rack part: automatic feeding, brake and controller to ensure material tension.


2. Nose bridge part: adopts speed-adjusting motor to control and automatically convey the nose bridge with ultrasonic welding of the tooth mold


3. Shape welding part: Customized tooth mold with ultrasonic to complete the pattern welding.


Fully automatic flat mask machine

4. Folding forming: folding fabric


5. Shape cutting knife part: customized cutting knife, rolling and forming.


6. Turnover part: It can be turned over according to the mask welding method.


7. Earband welding: using full servo control, high efficiency, up to 70PCS per minute (±10%), low maintenance cost, and ultrasonic welding to complete the earband line.


8. Output of finished products: output and collection of finished masks.


medical mask machine

So how long is the service life of the fully automatic medical flat mask machine?


Generally, the normal service life of the automatic medical flat mask machine is 5 years. In addition, regular maintenance and maintenance of the equipment can extend the service life of the equipment.