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Basic debugging method of medical mask machine

Release time: 2020-10-12

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Basic debugging method of medical mask machine

Medical masks are an indispensable material in hospitals. Whether for surgery or daily work, medical masks can well protect doctors and patients and prevent infection and spread of diseases. Medical mask machine is a machine specializing in the production of medical masks, and it is also a popular mechanical equipment.


After purchasing the medical mask machine, the manufacturer of the medical mask needs to debug the mask machine before it can operate and produce medical masks normally. The following is a detailed explanation of the basic debugging methods of medical mask machines by Strong H Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.


medical mask machine debugging

1. Turn on the start-stop switch and the power switch. The built-in light of the power switch is on.


2. Adjust the air pressure: the air pressure valve is under the workbench, and you can see the air pressure valve by opening the door of the equipment. Adjust the pressure according to the actual situation. When some mechanisms are not synchronized, increase the pressure. The working air pressure is generally at Adjust within the range of 0.2~0.6MPa.


basic debugging of medical mask machine

3. Sound wave inspection and adjustment: (when the equipment is stopped)


(1) Turn on the power switch of the ultrasonic generator and press the "Sound wave test" switch. If the amplitude indicator index rises sharply and exceeds 100, it means that the frequency is too far from the resonance point. The "sound wave adjustment" knob must be adjusted. Look at the amplitude indicator. Press the "Sound Wave Inspection" check switch with the left hand (not more than 3 seconds), and turn the "Sound Wave Adjustment" knob with the right hand to adjust the pointer of the amplitude display to the lowest point. When adjusting, if the amplitude indicator indicator is not falling but rising", turn the "Sound Wave Adjustment" knob in the opposite direction. The reading of the amplitude indicator indicator is within 50. The reading of the ammeter indicator is below 0.6A is the best working condition. After adjusting the sound wave Tighten the butterfly nut and close the protective cover.


(2) During the no-load test, if the "overload indicator light" is on, it means there is a problem with the equipment. It is not allowed to start working at this time. You must shut down and check the cause, and then start working after troubleshooting.


Fully Auto Ear Loop Attaching machine of medical mask machine

4. the inspection of the cooling fan: check whether the cooling fan is working normally. To ensure that the ultrasonic transducer can work for a long time when it is working.


5. Check whether the pneumatic parts are abnormal.


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