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Common problems of inferior automatic 1+1 flat mask machine

Release time: 2020-08-27

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Common problems of inferior automatic 1+1 flat mask machine

The automatic 1+1 flat mask machine is the main mechanical equipment for the production of flat masks. It can produce tens of thousands of masks per day, but there are some inferior automatic flat mask machines on the market, which often have various failures. Problems caused the production to fail. In this article, Strong H Machinery Co., Ltd. will explain in detail the common problems of inferior quality automatic 1+1 flat face mask machine.


The automatic 1+1 flat mask machine

1. There is a design defect in the connection part, the mask piece will fly randomly and jam. Someone needs to be watching all the time, which consumes labor costs.


2. In the filming part, the processing accuracy is a problem, and several rollers are different and need to be adjusted.


3. The parts of the nose bridge are also designed differently by manufacturers and have different problems.


4. The folded part of the fabric will always be deformed due to different designs. It is recommended to buy a fully automatic 1+1 flat face mask machine with a gradually oriented structure sold by Strong H Machinery Co., Ltd., which can effectively solve this problem.


5. For the ultrasonic welding part, the cylinder needs to be cushioned.


The automatic 1+1 flat mask machine

6. The problem of machining accuracy makes debugging difficult.


7. For the rope reduction part, the scissors are modified by cylinders and integrated. Relatively speaking, the integrated scissors will work well.


8. Rope problems, due to structural reasons, there are always jams and knots in the rope, causing the line to stop.


9. Ultrasonic welding machine, due to large market demand, rough workmanship, and poor quality. Some manufacturers always make mistakes when selecting specifications, causing the welding machine to always fail.


The automatic 1+1 flat mask machine

The above are the common problems of unqualified automatic 1+1 flat mask machine. If you don’t want to buy a 1+1 automatic flat mask machine with the above problems, choose Strong H Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. We are a well-known mask machine manufacturer from China, with rich experience in mask machine manufacturing, and we guarantee the quality of each mask machine. We are waiting for your letter 24 hours!