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Equipment demands for ear-hook mask machine

Release time: 2020-11-10

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Equipment demands for ear-hook mask machine

The ear-hook mask machine is the primary device for making ear-hook masks. As a result of the worldwide spread of COVID-19, ear-hook masks have become an essential product for everyone. For that reason, lots of companies have likewise started to acquire ear-hook mask machines for the production of ear-hook masks, as well as numerous mask machine producers have actually additionally emerged.


ear-hook mask machine

Strong H Machinery Innovation Co., Ltd. reminds you: When purchasing an ear-hook mask maker, you need to focus on the tools demands to make certain that you can purchase a high-quality ear-hook mask equipment.


1. The operation setting can be changed between guidebook, automated as well as single-action operation, as well as the mistake alarm system requires to be presented on the man-machine interface;


2. Industrial computer is made use of to understand real-time interaction with PLC, and also man-machine dialogue is realized with touch screen. Different settings and also operations require to be simple and also hassle-free;


earloop mask machine

3. The devices adheres to the national safety requirements for electromechanical tools;


4. This equipment acceptance standard: one week prior to the completion of the devices assembly and appointing, the supplier will certainly be notified to prepare the manufacturing products, and also the acceptance will certainly be performed according to the technological needs, and the acceptance will certainly be passed, as well as the customer will deliver the goods on its own;


Equipment demands for ear-hook mask machine

5. The tools approval shall be participated by the technological personnel designated by the vendor and also the purchaser as well as signed the approval record;


6. The provider's professionals from another location direct the buyer's personnel to install and also debug, as well as the debugging products are given by the purchaser;


Equipment demands for earloop mask machine

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