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Equipment requirements for automatic flat mask machine

Release time: 2020-09-17

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Equipment requirements for automatic flat mask machine

The automatic flat mask machine is the main machine for manufacturing flat masks. Due to the global spread of COVID-19, flat masks have become a must-have item for everyone. Therefore, many companies have also begun to purchase fully automatic flat mask machines for the production of flat masks, and many mask machine manufacturers have also emerged.


Strong H Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. reminds you: When purchasing an automatic flat mask machine, you need to pay attention to the equipment requirements to ensure that you can purchase a high-quality automatic flat mask machine.


requirements for automatic flat mask machine

1. The operation mode can be switched between manual, automatic and single-action operation, and the fault alarm needs to be displayed on the man-machine interface;


2. Industrial computer is used to realize real-time communication with PLC, and man-machine dialogue is realized through touch screen. Each setting operation needs to be simple and convenient;


3. The equipment complies with the national safety standards for electromechanical equipment;



requirements for automatic flat mask machine

4. This equipment acceptance standard: one week before the completion of the equipment assembly and commissioning, the supplier will be notified to prepare the production materials, and the acceptance will be carried out according to the technical requirements, and the acceptance will be passed, and the buyer will deliver it by itself;

5. The equipment acceptance shall be participated by the technical personnel designated by the supplier and the buyer and signed the acceptance report;


6. The supplier’s technicians will remotely guide the buyer’s personnel to install and debug, and the debugging materials will be provided by the buyer;


requirements for automatic flat mask machine

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