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Flat mask machine performance and characteristics

Release time: 2020-07-14

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Flat mask machine performance and characteristics

Flat masks are a common item for medical personnel, and now it is a daily necessity to defend against the COVID-19. We are not new to plane masks, so how much do you know about plane mask machines that produce plane masks? Today let us follow Strong H Mask Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to understand the performance and characteristics of the plane mask machine.


Most of the plane mask machines are now fully automatic plane mask machines. Its main components are four: automatic feeding system, folding forming system, ultrasonic heat sealing system and discharging system.


Flat mask machine

Flat mask machine

Automatic feeding system:

1. Aluminum alloy frame, solid and beautiful, to ensure accurate dimensions of the finished product.

2. Stainless steel fixture, adjustable left and right.

3. The setting of the tensioning wheel can adjust the tension of the fabric width, so as to effectively ensure the appearance and smoothness of the finished product.

4. Independent nose line delivery group, convenient for adjustment and maintenance.


Folding system:

1. Plug-in folding device, simple adjustment and calibration.

2. Large diameter welding wheel, effectively reduce product deformation.


Ultrasonic heat sealing system:

1.Compared with aluminum alloy, titanium alloy mold has the following characteristics: good toughness, suitable for long-term vibration; strong ultrasonic conductivity to ensure the welding effect of the product is beautiful; high hardness, not easy to crack, deform and rust . But the price of titanium alloy is also much higher than that of aluminum alloy.

2. Imported ultrasonic transducer, 20K international frequency standard, the output is more powerful and stable.

3. PLC program controls the action of the whole machine, easy to operate and save labor cost.


Discharging system:

1. Two pieces of products are formed at one time, with fast production speed and high production efficiency.

2. The product discharge can be stacked automatically to facilitate the finishing of finished products.


Features of automatic plane mask machine:

1. The performance of the whole machine is stable.

2. High production efficiency and adjustable continuous production speed.

3. Counting is convenient and accurate.

4. Simple operation.

5. Fully automated, saving labor costs.


Flat mask machine

Flat mask machine

If you are interested in a fully automated plane mask machine, please contact Strong H Mask Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd., we are a high-quality mask machine manufacturing expert in China, willing to answer all your knowledge about the mask machine. Thank you for reading!