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Flat mask production process

Release time: 2021-01-08

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Flat mask production process

Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, not only is the shortage of masks in Hubei Province, but also the country and the world are also very scarce of mask resources. For a while, "cannot buy masks" has become a hot topic. The previous masks were dispensable in everyday life. But now masks have become a hot and scarce stock. How can a small mask block the terrible virus?

the flat mask

Today, Strong H Machinery Technology will take you to understand the production process of the mask machine.

The entire production process of masks is still relatively large, especially the subsequent disinfection process. This is why a mask is made in 0.5 seconds, so the production efficiency is still in short supply. To understand the mask production process, first start with the structure of the mask itself. When we cut a medical mask, we can find that the mask has three layers of non-woven fabric, which is also required by the national standard for medical masks, otherwise the protection requirements will not be met.

Flat mask production process

1) The three layers of non-woven fabric materials are stacked together through the machine

2) Crimping and stitching the nose clip in

3) A large piece of non-woven fabric is gradually narrowed from left to right along the slope to make a "folded structure"

4) Pressing: flatten the surface of the mask

5) Fully automatic single cutting and seaming of masks

flat mask production process

6) Use non-woven fabric to fill the mask

7) Cut and fill the edges again

8) Fix the ear rope by hot pressing

9) Finally, pass the quality inspection, and package the finished product after sterilization

China's masks have already realized assembly line production. Under normal circumstances, a machine can produce 2 to 3 masks per second. So why is there a shortage of masks on the market when there are raw materials?

Because masks must be disinfected when they leave the factory. According to the official microblog of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: The production of masks in China is very fast, only 0.5 seconds per piece, but the standard process of analysis and disinfection after production takes 7 days to half a month.

flat mask fully Auto Machine

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology pointed out in the official microblog that medical masks are sterilized with ethylene oxide. After sterilization, there will be residues of ethylene oxide on the masks. The residual ethylene oxide must be released through analysis to meet the safety content standard. , Only after passing the test can it be released to the market.

After the outbreak, the demand for masks has surged, and the demand for corresponding mask production equipment has also increased exponentially. The original orders for professional mask production machines have been full, and orders have been stopped, and the production capacity is insufficient. The delivery time is difficult to guarantee.

Strong H Machinery Technology can guarantee the quality of the equipment while ensuring the delivery time of the mask machine. Welcome to consult.