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How does the fully automatic mask machine work?

Release time: 2020-07-07

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How does the fully automatic mask machine work?

The automatic mask machine is also called high-speed automatic one-for-two mask machine equipment. The common automatic disposable plane mask production equipment is HS-PM01 external ear mask machine. After the full-automatic mask processing and production, the mask still needs to be sterilized according to the standard of surgical masks to meet the application requirements.


The production line of the HS-PM01 outer ear band automatic mask machine is composed of the main body machine, the flap conveying line and two ear band welding machines. The production process is:


Flat mask fully Auto Machine 1+1

Flat mask fully Auto Machine 1+1

1. Body mask output mask body

2. Conveyor belt structure conveys the mask piece to the turning mechanism

3. After the reversing mechanism reverses the mask, place the mask on the conveyor belt of the ear belt machine

4. Place the mask piece into the mask disk of the ear strap machine by pressing down the cylinder, and the ear strap machine will complete the welding of the ear strap

5. Convey finished products


The production line of automatic mask machine mainly adopts PLC and touch screen control. The main conveyor belt adopts single-phase motor conveying and stepping motor to turn over. The entire production line is stable in control, easy to operate, and the rate of defective products is low.


Common medical masks are composed of three layers of non-woven fabrics. During the production process, please pay attention to the placement of the three layers of non-woven fabrics. The innermost non-woven fabric is ordinary non-woven fabric, the outermost layer is waterproof non-woven fabric, which can effectively isolate the liquid ejected by the sick patients, and the middle layer is the polypropylene melt after the electret treatment Spray non-woven fabric.


After the mask is made, it must be sterilized with ethylene oxide and allowed to stand for 7 days for volatile toxicity. Throughout the production process, there are also regulations on the hygienic standards of operators. The personnel who operate the fully automatic mask machine need to wear protective clothing, and they must produce in a working environment free of combustible gas, corrosive gas and dust.


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