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Functions and features of automatic medical mask machine

Release time: 2020-09-22

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Functions and features of automatic medical mask machine

The fully automatic medical mask machine can manufacture special masks for hospitals. The masks produced are of good quality and strong protection.


The main functions of the automatic medical mask machine are:the tools production line is primarily made up of the main body equipment, the piece turning conveyor line and two ear band welding devices. After the text of the mask is outcome by the text maker, the main body sheet of the mask is moved to the transforming mechanism through the conveyor belt structure.


automatic medical mask machine function

Transform the mask plate over to the conveyor belt connected to the ear belt machine through the turning device, and after that transfer the mask piece to the front mask plate of the ear belt maker via the conveyor belt, and after that press the cylinder to put it, and also make use of the mask piece with the ear belt maker It is welded all at once to complete the production of the outer ear mask product.


automatic medical mask machine features

Features of automatic medical mask device:


1. Automatic unraveling of basic materials, automated communicating, automatic ear cable welding, etc., with high output.


2. Computer PLC shows control, good running security, low failure price.

3. Automatic stress control to guarantee a well balanced paper feeding pressure.


4. The fiber optics sensing unit detects resources to prevent lowering waste because of insufficient products.


5. The whole machine takes on light weight aluminum alloy structure, which is beautiful as well as company without rust.


features of automatic medical mask machine

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