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KN95 mask machine operating instructions

Release time: 2020-07-22

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KN95 mask machine operating instructions

This article mainly introduces the specific operation methods of the KN95 mask machine. Correct use of the mask machine can extend the service life of the machine and reduce the failure rate of the KN95 mask machine.

KN95 mask machine

KN95 mask machine




Preparation and inspection before operation


1. Before the machine runs, check and clean the surface of the machine to ensure that it runs smoothly


2. Check whether the fasteners of each part of the mask machine are loose


3. Check whether the electrical components are properly installed and damaged


4. Check whether each data sheet is the required value, whether the transmission parts and the oil filling part are sufficiently lubricated


5. Check whether the processed raw materials are sufficient

6. After connecting the power, turn on the power switch to check whether the power is normal and whether the indicator light is working normally


7. Before proceeding to automatic operation mode, check whether the device is completely reset


Unwinding rack


1. According to the specifications of the material rack, select the appropriate threading paper tube and material roll diameter


2. Adjust the alignment position of the material and the center line of the main machine roller, which can be completed by adjusting the plug and horizontally adjusting the seat position


Ontology machine


1. Hit the materials on the material axis of the material rack respectively


2. Turn on the control box and power switch, the indicator light is on, after starting, adjust the governor to the appropriate speed and turn the adjusting switch to OFF


The above is the operating instructions of the KN95 mask machine. If you are interested in the mask machine, please contact Strong H Mask Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to let us know your needs and ideas.