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Attention!KN95 mask production line

Release time: 2020-07-08

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Attention!KN95 mask production line

N95 masks are daily necessities during the haze period. During the current epidemic of the COVID-19, N95 masks have once again become a hot spot for sale. How is the N95 mask produced, and what machines does its production line include? This article introduces the production line of N95 masks by Strong H Mask Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


KN95 Mask Mahicne

KN95 Mask Mahicne

The production lines of N95 masks are mostly semi-automatic production lines. The main equipments are: 1 slicer, 2 semi-automatic ultrasonic welding ear line machines, 3 crimping nose jigs, and 3 crimping forming machines. N95 masks require the above 9 machines to cooperate with each other in order to manufacture the finished product.


The production of N95 masks mainly includes the following procedures:

1. Mask forming

2. Mask crimping

3. Mask cutting

4. Earband welding

5. Upper nose bridge

6. Printing

7. Breathing valve welding


The manufacturing process of N95 masks and plane masks is different, so the structure of the N95 mask machine is also different from the structure of the plane mask machine. Compared with the production line of flat masks, N95 masks have three more procedures: mask forming, printing and breathing valve welding. In the production process of N95 masks, the production of a N95 mask machine requires more personnel to operate, and the labor cost is higher than the production of flat masks. This is why N95 masks are more expensive than flat masks.


KN95 Mask Mahicne

KN95 Mask Mahicne

Although the production process of N95 masks is complicated, people have manufactured semi-automatic and fully automated N95 mask machines. The process of masking, cutting and other processes are completed by an automated machine, which greatly improves the production of N95 masks. effectiveness. At the same time, the fully automated N95 mask machine also reduces labor costs, using photoelectric detection to reduce the production error rate of N95 masks.


If you are interested in fully automated N95 mask machine and integrated N95 mask machine, please contact Strong H Mask Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to let us know your needs and provide you with the best quality services and products.