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Key points of CE certification for mask machine

Release time: 2020-10-16

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Key points of CE certification for mask machine

The mask machine must meet the requirements of the Machinery MD Directive. The requirements cover the design, manufacture and inspection of the mask machine and the placing of the machine on the market. The machine manufacturer must ensure that when the mask machine is put on the market, the machine meets the basic health and safety requirements related to the product.


CE certification for mask machine

Among them, the CE certification of the mask machine is the most important. The main points of CE certification are as follows:


1. Technical documents

The technical file has two functions:

As a registration of the design process, the process determines the details of the safety measures integrated in the machine according to European standards.

It must also play its role to prove that the machine complies with European directives.


Key points of CE certification for mask machine

2. Efficient safety design

According to applicable regulations, safety design must be integrated into the same design process of the machine, and safety aspects must be combined with technical, constructive and productive aspects. Only in this way can an appropriate safety system be designed separately. In our safety system design service, we combine all our experience into the knowledge of the customer's machinery and its processes. From the perspective of safety functions and certification, we have obtained excellent safety design.


Key points of CE certification for mask machine

3. Product testing

For the CE certification of the mask machine, specific tests are required, such as electrical safety, stopping time, noise, stability, etc., because the actual value of the finished device must be proved in writing to comply with the standard. Requirements stipulated by European regulations: Comply with 2006/42/EC instruction manual for use and maintenance


Key points of CE certification for mask machine

The manual and other sources of information present on the mask machine (such as signs, signaling devices and human-machine interface) provide users with all the information needed to use the machine under safe conditions. According to the requirements of point of Annex I (Basic Health and Safety Requirements) of the Machinery Directive, it must be translated into the common language of the member states that put the machine on the market or put it into use.


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