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Maintenance method of automatic KN95 mask machine(1)

Release time: 2020-09-09

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Maintenance method of automatic KN95 mask machine(1)

When the automatic KN95 face mask machine is used in daily production, it is necessary to do a good job of maintaining it to prevent it from rusting or other failures, which will interrupt the production process and affect the production volume.


automatic KN95 face mask machine

Strong H Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. teaches you how to maintain the automatic KN95 mask machine.


1. The power supply for the automated KN95 mask equipment is 220V. Check whether the power supply voltage corresponds and steady when connected to the power supply. Just when the power supply is consistent as well as steady can the power supply be linked. Otherwise, the power supply system, ultrasonic system as well as crashes might be quickly harmed!


2. The automatic KN95 mask device have to be well based whatsoever times when it is connected to stay clear of leak of electrical energy as well as harm people!


automated KN95 mask equipment

3. When the weather condition is completely dry or the temperature is reduced, some parts of the automatic KN95 mask device may be statically billed due to the rubbing of the raw products, please pay attention to security!


4. Non-professionals are not permitted to relocate! The device must be stopped when threading materials, changing parts, examining or fixing the maker! The power needs to be cut off when the electrical part is preserved!


5. Do not open the electrical box as well as ultrasonic system for non-professionals or maintenance employees!


6. The atmospheric pressure is required to be about 0.5 P-- 0.6 P, please do not function listed below or above the atmospheric pressure range!


automatic KN95 mask device

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