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Maintenance method of flat mask machine(PartⅠ)

Release time: 2020-07-29

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Maintenance method of flat mask machine(PartⅠ)

As we all know, most mask machines are made of aluminum alloy. Although aluminum alloy has super anti-oxidation ability, it will still be corroded. This requires maintenance of the flat face mask machine in daily production. Today, let me follow Strong H Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to learn how to maintain the mask machine.


The floor plan mask machine can be maintained according to the following components, and the power must be turned off during the whole maintenance process.

Flat mask machine

The floor plan mask machine


1. Ultrasonic system software

You must check in advance whether the system software of the ultrasonic mask machine is kept clean at all times, especially the ultrasonic power box, the ultrasonic mold and the vibrator must be kept dry and tidy, and the electrode cable must be checked frequently by everyone. In addition, when checking the damage level of the ultrasonic ultrasonic mold, you must also pay attention to the change range of the ammeter and the ammeter needle on the ultrasonic electric box.


2. Pneumatic control valve

The gas filter cup of the mask machine equipment must be inspected to see if there is water added, and add water to the air compressor by the way. For areas with high environmental humidity, the air compressor must be filled with water daily to facilitate the inspection of all bronchial tubes and cylinders for leaks. The condition of the steam, and then to ensure that the machinery and equipment can operate normally during work.


3. Appearance

Protective masks are worn on the face, and medical surgical masks must follow the doctor into the clinic. Therefore, the production of protective masks must have high regulations on the cleanliness of the mask machine equipment. Therefore, most of them must After work, some professional cleaning staff are assigned to carry out the cleaning and maintenance of the mask machine equipment. The countertops of the cabinets and the dishes containing protective masks during the working of the cleaning machinery. However, it must be noted that the machinery and equipment cannot be washed immediately with tap water. At this time, some easily volatile cleaning fluid of ethanol must be used to clean the mask machine.

If you want to know more about the maintenance methods of the flat face mask machine, please visit Strong H Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.