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Maintenance method of flat mask machine(Part Ⅱ)

Release time: 2020-07-29

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Maintenance method of flat mask machine(Part Ⅱ)

The maintenance method of the flat face mask machine is supplemented:

4. Circuit system

Check whether the RF connector of the power circuit of the mask machine is loose, whether the main power plug and branch power cord are damaged or brittle, whether the power plug is in a dry natural environment, and the exhaust fan on the machine equipment is Not being able to work normally.


Flat mask machine

Flat face mask machine

5. Transmission

The transmission device includes key components such as motor, transmission gear, reducer, sprocket chain, transmission chain, and conveyor belt. It is necessary to check immediately whether the motor is accompanied by dust or other objects that may endanger heat, whether the transmission gear and sprocket chain are oiled, if there are indeed some appendages, it must be cleaned and tidy at this time, and whether the tightness of the transmission chain is suitable. Whether the connecting screws in the middle of the transmission system components are loose, whether the grease of the reducer is still enough, under normal conditions, the mechanical equipment must be replaced every 1000-1500 hours.


6. Anti-rust treatment

Floor plan The machine and equipment of the mask machine must not be stained with corrosive liquids and objects, including sweat. Because sweat is very easy to cause corrosion of parts on machinery and equipment. If the machinery and equipment are not working for a long time, at this time, the transmission device of the protective mask and the rust-prone components must be coated with rust inhibitor.

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