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Maintenance technique of medical protective mask device

Release time: 2020-10-13

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Maintenance technique of medical protective mask device

As all of us know, most mask equipments are constructed from aluminum alloy. Although light weight aluminum alloy has very anti-oxidation ability, it will certainly still be corroded. This calls for upkeep of the medical protective mask equipment in day-to-day production. Today, let me find out just how to preserve the mask maker with Strong H Machinery Production Co., Ltd.

preserve medical mask machine

The medical protective mask maker can be preserved according to the following elements, and also the power has to be shut off throughout the whole upkeep process.


1. Ultrasonic system software

You have to check in advancement whether the system software program of the ultrasonic mask machine is maintained clean in any way times, particularly the ultrasonic power box, the ultrasonic mold as well as the vibrator should be maintained completely dry and also clean, as well as the electrode wire must be inspected regularly by everyone. Additionally, when inspecting the damage level of the ultrasonic mold, you have to additionally take note of the adjustment variety of the ammeter as well as the ammeter needle on the ultrasonic electric box.


medical protective mask device

2. Pneumatic control shutoff

The gas filter cup of the mask maker devices should be evaluated to see if there is water included, and also add water to the air compressor by the way. For areas with high ambient humidity, the air compressor need to be filled up daily to promote the inspection of all bronchial tubes and cyndrical tubes for leakages. The condition of the vapor, and after that to guarantee that the machinery and tools can run typically during work.


Maintenance technique of medical mask equipments

3. Look

Protective masks are endured the face, as well as medical surgical masks have to adhere to the doctor into the facility. Consequently, the production of safety masks should have high regulations on the tidiness of the mask device devices. Therefore, most of them should After get off job, we appoint some professional cleansing staff to perform the cleansing and maintenance of the mask maker devices. The countertops of the cabinets and also the meals consisting of safety masks during the working of the cleansing equipment. Nonetheless, it must be kept in mind that the machinery as well as equipment can not be washed quickly with faucet water. At this time, some easily unstable cleansing liquid of ethanol need to be made use of to clean the mask device.

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