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Mask machine features

Release time: 2020-07-10

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Mask machine features

The mask machine is a machine that produces masks. Different types of mask machines can produce different types of masks. Our common N95 mask and plane mask machines are manufactured by KN95 mask machine and fully automatic plane mask machine, at the same time, there are some special style masks, such as duckbill masks or pig nose masks.


Different types of mask machines will definitely have different parameters and working efficiency. Read this article and learn the characteristics of various mask machines together!


Automatic cup mask machine:

1. The servo and constant temperature control system adopted is controlled by PLC program to complete the material from entering, forming, welding and punching at one time, and the whole set of production process is fully automated.


2. The equipment only needs to be equipped with a fully automatic cup-shaped mask nose bridge ear strap welding machine to produce a large number of cup-shaped masks.


3. The products are exquisitely made, which can meet the international testing standards, and compared with the original mask machine equipment on the market, save about 30% of the materials. Reduced production costs and improved production efficiency.


KN95 mask machine

Automatic N95 mask machine

1. The production process is fully automated, saving labor costs and high production efficiency


2. The main power can be adjusted by frequency conversion, easy to operate


3. Different masks can be produced according to the material, and the product quality is stable


4. Low noise and small footprint


Plane mask machine

1. Ultrasonic welding, ear strap welding is firm


2. High production efficiency and easy operation


3. Only one operator is required to complete the entire production process


4. The masks produced are of good quality and many styles, which can be divided into outer ear straps, inner ear straps and straps


Mask machine

Folding mask machine:

1. Using ultrasonic technology to produce 3-5 layers of PP non-woven fabric, activated carbon and filter material bonding


2. Machinable mask body such as 3M9001 and 9002


3. According to different raw materials, masks can meet different standards such as FFP1, FFP2, N95, etc.


4. The ear strap is made of elastic non-woven fabric, which is comfortable to wear and has no pressure


If you are interested in the mask machine and want to know more about the model parameters of the mask machine, please contact Strong H Mask Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd., we look forward to hearing from you.