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Parameter standard of automatic one-to-one flat mask machine

Release time: 2020-08-11

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Parameter standard of automatic one-to-one flat mask machine

The fully automatic high-speed one-to-one flat mask machine is a flat mask production line manufactured by Strong H Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Its main components are a mask body production machine and an outer ear band welding machine.


fully automatic one-to-one flat mask machine

The whole production line includes: automatic feeding of raw materials, automatic transportation, disconnection of the bridge of the nose, edge welding of protective masks, telescopic, ultrasonic welding, forming, disconnection, transmission, ear band welding, automatic feeding, etc. Fully manufacturing automation Technology to carry out the entire processing process from the raw material of the tube to the finished product of the protective mask.


The following are the parameters of the automatic one-to-one flat face mask machine:

Good product rate ≥95% other than raw material elements


Production capacity>80Pcs/Min ±10%


Size 4100Mm(L)*2900Mm(W)*1900Mm(H)


Switching power supply: AC380V±10%/50HZ


Output power r: 9KW


Working temperature: 1035℃


Relative air humidity: 535%HR


Standard air pressure: 0.5-0.5MPa


Air supply: 300L/min


Staff: 1-2person


Raw material requirements for flat mask machine:


The production goal is that the medical surgical mask is composed of three layers of non-woven fabrics. The surface layer is a non-woven fabric that is dry and moisture-proof. The key is to block the liquid sprayed by the patient. The filter layer in the middle needs to be solved by electret. Polypropylene meltblown non-woven fabric.


fully automatic one-to-one flat mask machine

Regulations on the actual operation of machinery and equipment

1. It can complete the actual operation mode of manual, automatic and single-action operation mutual conversion. Common fault alarms need to display information on the industrial touch screen;


2. Use industrial computer to complete the instant communication with PLC, and complete the man-machine exchange according to the touch screen. The actual operation of various settings needs to be simple and convenient;


3. The machinery and equipment comply with the relevant laws and regulations of the machinery and equipment testing standards;


Other regulations

1. The acceptance criteria of this machinery and equipment: one week before the assembly and adjustment of the machinery and equipment, the supplier informs the buyer that the raw materials are ready for production, and the engineering acceptance is carried out according to the technical standards.


2. The engineering acceptance of machinery and equipment shall be carried out by specific professional and technical personnel of both parties and signed the completion acceptance report;


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