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Parameters and characteristics of KN95 mask machine

Release time: 2020-08-07

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Parameters and characteristics of KN95 mask machine

The automatic ultrasonic KN95 mask machine uses the basic principle of ultrasonic seamless splicing and welding to produce machinery and equipment suitable for high energy-consuming industrial grade KN95 protective masks.


KN95 mask machine

Part of this equipment protective mask itself can be applied with 4~10 layers of PP non-proof cloth and its filtering system (such as: melt blown cloth, activated carbon raw materials, etc.), and can be manufactured to achieve various types of filtration such as N95, FFP2, etc. Grade of finished products of protective masks. Moreover, the automation technology level of this machine is extremely high.


From the expected to the finished product, it is a one-line automation technology work: the raw materials are fully automatically fed, the nose line transportation system software is separate, and the nose line can be automatically folded. Inside the anti-cloth, automatic edge pressing and cutting of finished products, and automatic additional breathing valve holes.


The finished product manufactured by this KN95 mask machine has a beautiful and generous appearance design; the equipment has stable characteristics, high production capacity and low failure rate, which is convenient for practical operation.


KN95 mask machine

Main parameters of KN95 mask machine:

Device model specification: NK-YZ0006

Machine and equipment specifications: 4190(L)*820(W)*2500(H)mm

Working voltage: 380V, 50/60Hz

Production capacity: 45~60pcs/min

Machine and equipment specifications: 4190(L)*820(W)*2500(H)mm

Working voltage: 380V, 1or3phase

Production capacity: 45pcs/min


KN95 mask machine

KN95 mask machine features:

1. Automatic feeding system software:

1. The aluminum alloy profile sound card rack is firm and beautiful, ensuring accurate specifications of finished products;

2. Stainless steel plate tooling fixture, which can be adjusted up and down;

3. The tensioner is set to adjust the tension of the fabric width, and then reasonably ensure the beauty and flatness of the finished product;

4. Separate nose line transportation group, convenient adjustment and maintenance; after the nose line is inserted, the selected point is accurately positioned, and then the accuracy of the nose line and the firmness of the nose line are reasonably ensured.


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