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Danger! Precautions for operating the mask machine

Release time: 2020-12-08

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Danger! Precautions for operating the mask machine

When operating the mask machine, for the personal safety of the staff, always keep the safety precautions in mind. When operating the mask machine, what dangers are likely to occur? Read this article to avoid dangerous operations. This article is provided by Strong H Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.


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The danger of mechanical equipment is for the moving parts of the mechanical equipment itself, such as transmission mechanisms and tools, high-speed moving workpieces and chips. If the equipment is defective, the protective device fails or the operation is improper, it may cause personal injury or death at any time.


The danger of transmission

The mechanical transmission in the mask machine is generally divided into gear transmission, chain transmission and belt transmission. As the components do not meet the requirements, such as the unreasonable mechanical design, the transmission part and the protruding rotating part are exposed and unprotected, the handles and clothes may be twisted into them and cause injury.

In chain transmission and belt transmission, the pulley is easy to get tools or human limbs; when the chain and belt break, it is easy to cause the joint to grab the human body, and the belt will fly up and hurt people. The friction and high belt speed in the transmission process can also easily generate static electricity in the transmission belt, generate static sparks, and easily cause fire and explosion.


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The danger of pressure machinery

The common pressure machine in the mask machine is an ear band welding machine. All pressure machines have certain pressure parts, and the pressure parts are dangerous. Since most of these equipments are manually operated, operators are prone to fatigue and boredom, and human errors, such as inaccurate feeding of molds and hands entering dangerous areas, are prone to personal injury accidents.


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Therefore, when operating the mask machine, you must always pay attention to safety. You can also buy a fully automatic mask machine. Only one person needs to discharge the material to complete the full line of mask production, which saves labor costs and is very safe.

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