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Precautions for using the mask machine

Release time: 2020-08-26

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Precautions for using the mask machine

The mask machine is expensive, and improper use can easily cause damage to the parts of the mask machine and shorten the service life. Therefore, when operating the mask machine, it is necessary to use the mask machine correctly.

Strong H Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. reminds you that when using the mask machine, you need to pay attention to the following:


Flat mask fully Auto Machine 1+1

Precautions for storage and use of mask machine baseband: Install according to the marked pulley surface, the direction of rotation arrow and the tension mark to ensure the parallelism of the pulley. In order to prolong the service life of the cross transmission, the rotating body can be inserted in the cross position.


Mask machine conveyor belt replacement: Install the conveyor on the belt pulley, then adjust the center distance of the transmission device, use a tension measuring instrument to test the conveyor belt until the appropriate tension; then tighten all the bolts of the motor, if it is tightened, it may be Lead to poor performance of the conveyor.


Precautions for storage and use of mask machine baseband: Please note that the baseband is resistant to various oils, greases and other general chemicals, but not resistant to corrosion by concentrated organic acids, inorganic acids, and alcohol. The base tape is usually used normally between -10°C and 80°C.


Mask machine debugging: The mask machine needs to be debugged before it can start production normally, and debugging is a technical task, which is the key to the quality of mask production. When looking for a mask machine company to buy equipment, you must ask the mask machine company to debug the equipment Good, to ensure normal production at the production site.


KN95Semi-Auto Mask Machine type one

Features of the mask machine: stable performance and easy operation. The pressure is stable, and there will be no continuous cutting and burrs. The mask machine sold by Strong H Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has accurate cutting balance, which can ensure the service life of the cutting board; the operating speed of the equipment can be adjusted according to actual needs. When the upper pressing board is quickly pressed down The cutting die will automatically cut slowly during the cutting operation, so that there is no size error between the upper and lower parts of the cut.


From manual feeding and loading, automatic feeding, automatic feeding of nose bridge, embossing and die cutting, ultrasonic welding, sideband cutting, and discharging of built-in nose bridge, a complete set of assembly line operations can be completed by one machine, which greatly improves Increased production efficiency.


Precautions for using the mask machine

Whether it is a flat mask machine or a KN95 mask machine, Strong H Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. can provide the highest quality machinery and equipment in China. In addition, it can also provide customers with relevant technical training, provide customers with a full range of services, and ensure the normal production of masks. Please contact Strong H Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to order your own mask machine.