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Problems in mask processing

Release time: 2020-08-12

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Problems in mask processing

Although masks are manufactured by mask machines, and most of the mask machines now can be semi-automatic or fully automatic, it is inevitable that some problems will inevitably be encountered when producing masks. Have you encountered any problems in the process of processing masks? If so, let's take a look at how Strong H Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. solved it!


Mask making machine

Strong H Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. divides the problems in the production of masks into two parts. One is the problem of the machinery and equipment itself, and the other is the problem of raw materials, which is also a major factor that harms production. The problem of machinery and equipment can be debugged by professional and technical personnel, but how to solve the problem of raw materials?



At the fabric level, the total width and thickness of the meltblown cloth and the non-proof cloth are all immediately endangering all normal applications of machinery and equipment. For example, in the specific processing process, if the fabric is wider, then it is likely to exceed the scope of the equipment in the entire plastic surgery process, and many problems will be encountered during the entire process of wrapping the nose bridge. . Under extreme conditions, the failure rate caused by everyone exceeds 50%, and a lot of time, vitality and raw materials are consumed in the whole process of adjustment, which is very scary.


If you do not do a good job in the plastic and beauty of the material, it is very likely that the mask will not be smoothly pressed, the nose clip line will be folded and the folds will be deposited, the formed pressure welding welding is not good enough, or the welding welding of the hemming is not performed. Posture, it is a situation that appears widely in the production of masks. Among all the causes of finished product problems, the unqualified rate caused by the appearance of masks is 40%-60%.


Auto flat plane mask machine

Nose bridge:

The total width, thickness, and flexibility of the bridge of the nose, whether it includes thin iron wires, one thin iron wire or two thin iron wires, will cause different hazards to different machinery and equipment. For example, thin iron wires will undoubtedly harm the knife. Damage is very harmful.


The bridge of the nose is the second major factor leading to the failure rate. The poor nose bridge may be due to two aspects: First, as mentioned earlier, the shape of the mask is not well-shaped and not wrapped smoothly; in addition, the segmentation of the nose bridge will not only break the mask, it will also cause many Difficulties, for example, it is very likely that the cutting will continue, or the viewing angle of the cutting is not good, resulting in deposition or displacement of the bridge of the nose. Since masks stipulate that the bridge of the nose must be vertically centered, if the part is off, the mask is theoretically not good enough. At least in the case of wearing it will cause some confusion to everyone.



The ductility, size, and round strap of the ear strap pusher have a great influence on the pass rate during the specific processing.


For experienced automation technology engineers, it is not too difficult to debug the strapping (ear strap welding) machine, and you can understand the specific structure of the machine after seeing it. However, in the specific production and manufacturing, various small problems such as failure to pull the line, continuous cutting of the line and chaotic, unstable electric welding, partial welding, penetration, and failure of the tensile test, etc., appeared. Many poor products must be adjusted and maintained in many stages.


Fully Auto Ear Loop Attaching machine for flat mask

The design of mechanical equipment itself is a major factor that endangers the reliability and qualification rate of electric welding of ear bands. Whether it is parallel-line continuous drawing, reciprocating continuous drawing, or rotating continuous drawing, all have their own relative characteristics. It is very likely that everyone will feel that the turntable is a little more stable, but from the perspective of high efficiency, it is higher than the continuous type. We must prepare capital investment based on the purchased machinery and equipment and the characteristics of the specific operation.


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