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Product features of fully auto ear loop attaching machine

Release time: 2021-02-18

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Product features of fully auto ear loop attaching machine

The mask equipment production line is mainly composed of a main body machine, a turning conveyor line and two ear strap welding machines. After the main body machine outputs the mask main body, the main body sheet of the mask is conveyed to the placing mechanism through the conveyor belt structure. The tilting machine is connected to the conveyor belt of the ear belt machine, and then the mask piece is transferred to the front mask panel of the ear belt machine through the conveyor belt, and then placed by the cylinder, the mask piece is welded integrally with the ear belt machine, thereby Complete the production of masks with outer ears.


fully auto ear loop attaching machine

The fully auto ear loop attaching machine is a step of welding the earbands on the half-layer mask products produced by the mask body machine. According to process requirements, it is divided into inner ear belt edging upper belt and outer ear belt upper belt. Strong H Machinery Technology Co., Ltd adopts ultrasonic welding technology to develop a new generation of mask inner ear mask ear band spot welding machine, outer ear mask band spot welding machine and other two products, which are automated from feeding to discharging, with high efficiency and labor saving. The welding effect is good, and it is the best choice for the production of flat masks and disposable mask ear straps.


Inner ear mask ear strap spot welding machine, outer ear mask ear strap spot welding machine, strap-type mask ear strap spot welding machine, can produce inner ear mask, outer ear mask, strap mask and other types of masks.

Features of Fully Auto Ear Loop Attaching machine:

1. Ultrasonic electric box output, strong and stable power, suitable for continuous and stable production power requirements.


fully auto ear loop attaching machine

2. The earband welding machine has a small size, and the welding width of the mask rope can be adjusted according to the different welding characteristics of the earband of the mask. The ultrasonic welding frequency can also be adjusted.


3. The automatic production mode is adopted, the ear ropes are automatically pulled out, and the mask body feeder can be configured for better results.


4. The welding head is made of titanium alloy material, the material is hard, and the ultrasonic radiation effect is excellent.


5. Fully automated production of masks, saving labor and time, the maximum output of the machine is 100 pieces per minute