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Solutions to the failure of the mask machine (4)

Release time: 2020-09-04

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Solutions to the failure of the mask machine (4)

What should I do if the mask machine fails? Quickly read the mask machine fault handling solution provided by Strong H Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. to solve the problem of mask machine failure!


Mask machine solutions

Fault twelve:The power indicator does not light up, the fan of the vibration box becomes weak, it cannot vibrate or the welding strength becomes weak.


Reason analysis:

1. Low power supply voltage;

2. The input transformer is damaged;

3. Poor contact of the power socket.


Fault thirteen:Press the welding button, the welding head will drop immediately and rise when the workpiece does not vibrate.


Reason analysis:

1. The descending stroke has not reached the welding position;

2. Poor contact of the travel switch;

3. Poor pressure trigger system.


The solution to the failure of the mask machine

Fault fourteen:The impact of welding head rising or falling is too large.


Reason analysis:

1. The buffer adjustment is inappropriate;

2. Buffer adjustment and lockup;

3. The descending speed is set too high;

4. The cylinder has poor cushioning.


Fault fifteen:The air pressure, power supply, and welding head are all normal but cannot be started.


Reason analysis:

1. Poor contact of emergency up button;

2. The program control circuit is bad;

3. The start button is damaged;

4. The solenoid valve is damaged.


solutions in mask machine

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