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Solutions to the failure of the mask machine (2)

Release time: 2020-09-02

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Solutions to the failure of the mask machine (2)

The mask machine is the main equipment for the production of masks. In the daily production of masks, the machine will inevitably fail. Looking for professionals to solve every time? This cost may be too high. It is better to pay attention to Strong H Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. and learn the fault solutions of mask machines. Review the fault solution (1)


Solutions to the failure of the mask machine

Fault 5:uneven welding and improper alignment of the workpiece.


1. Check whether the workpiece is offset during welding.

2. When checking the combination, whether the workpiece is aligned

3. Check the parallelism of welding head, workpiece and jig.


Fault 6: the joint surface lacks close contact.


1. Check the size of the workpiece.

2. Check the tolerance of the workpiece.

3. Check the position of the thimble on the joint surface.

4. Check the alignment of the workpiece assembly.

5. Check whether the workpiece is sunken.

6. Check the fit between the workpiece and the welding head

7. Check whether the support of the jig is appropriate.


the failure of the mask machine solution

Fault 7: inconsistent ultrasonic welding results

(1) The proportion of filling materials is too high


1. Reduce the filling.

2. Check the operating conditions.

3. Change the type of filler, that is, change the short-line cone to the long-line cone.


(2) Uneven distribution of additives


1. Check the operating conditions

2. Check the mold design


(3) Poor material quality


1. Check operating conditions


(4) Poor fit of the workpiece


1. Check the size of the workpiece

2. Check the tolerance of the workpiece

3. Check the operating conditions


Malfunction solution for mask machine

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