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Solutions to the failure of the mask machine (3)

Release time: 2020-09-03

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Solutions to the failure of the mask machine (3)

What should I do if the mask machine fails? Looking for a professional to repair? Additional costs have increased. Trouble with the manufacturer’s technician to repair it? However, the manufacturer is not in the local area and the personnel cannot come to service. Still worrying about these problems? Let Strong H Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. help you, provide you with a solution to the failure of the mask machine, and easily repair the mask machine.


Mask machine solutions

Fault eight:Turn on the main power switch, the fuse is blown

Cause analysis and solutions: 

1. Short circuit of ultrasonic power board;

2. The rectifier bridge is short-circuited;

3. The start-up current has a large impact and the fuse capacity is too small;


the failure of mask machine

Fault nineExcessive ultrasonic welding

Cause analysis and solutions:

1. The size of the work object after melting is different;

2. There is too much damage to the surface of the work.

3. Adjust the lowest point to fine-tune the screw;

4. Replace the welding head with lower amplitude.

5. The welding time is too long to shorten.


Fault ten:Press the welding button and the welding head will drop, but it will not rise after welding.

Cause analysis and solutions:

1. Insufficient air pressure;

2. The solenoid valve is defective;

3. Adjust the air pressure;

4. Maintenance program board;

5. The time adjustment switch is damaged;


Solutions of mask machine

Fault eleven: The overload light is on during operation.

Cause analysis and solutions:

1. The welding head is loose;

2. Improper frequency adjustment;

3. The welding head is broken;

4. Excessive pressure;

5. The machine power is too small.


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