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Standard parameters of KN95 mask machine

Release time: 2020-08-18

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Standard parameters of KN95 mask machine

KN95 automatic folding mask machine is a fully automatic equipment for folding mask production. Using ultrasonic professional system, the folding mask machine glues 3 to 5 layers of PP non-proof cloth, activated carbon and its filter materials, and cuts out the folded mask By itself, it can produce and process 3M9001, 9002 and other protective masks themselves.


KN95 mask machine

According to the raw materials used in the folding mask machine, the protective masks produced can reach different standards such as FFP1, FFP2, N95, etc. The ear straps are made of malleable non-woven fabric, which makes the wearer’s ears comfortable, without working pressure, and protective The filter cloth layer of the mask filter press has a good filtering effect, which fits the shape of the human face to the extreme.


When purchasing the KN95 mask machine, you need to pay attention to the relevant parameters of the KN95 mask machine, and use these parameters as the standard for whether the fully automatic folding mask machine is qualified. The following is introduced by Strong H Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. about the KN95 mask machine Standard parameters.

 main parameters of KN95 automatic folding mask machine

The relevant main parameters of KN95 automatic folding mask machine are:

1. PLC active control, automatic counting of folding mask machine.

2. The folding mask machine is easy to adjust the machine and equipment, and the material change is convenient.

3. Abrasive tools are extracted and replaced. The folding mask machine can quickly replace the abrasive tools to produce different types of protective masks.

4. The entire machine and equipment of the folding mask machine use aluminum alloy profiles, which are good-looking and firm without rust.

5. Leading feeding and preparation equipment.

6. KN95 automatic folding mask machine has high reliability and low repair rate.


If you are interested in KN95 automatic folding mask machine, please contact Strong H Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. We have the most professional mask machine equipment production line and provide other equipment and parts related to the mask machine, such as ear band welding machine, mask machine slicing blade, etc.