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The composition of KN95 cup mask machine

Release time: 2020-08-05

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The composition of KN95 cup mask machine

The manufacture of KN95 cup masks requires the cooperation of various mask machines and equipment to complete the production. Do you know the equipment of the production line of the KN95 cup mask machine? Today, let us learn about the production line components of the KN95 cup mask machine with Strong H Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

KN95 mask machine

KN95 mask machine


N95 cup mask machine includes: cup mask forming machine, cup mask mask machine, rotary cup mask welding automatic slicer, cup mask breathing valve automatic punching machine, cup mask nose line fitting machine, cup type Mask ear with nut spot welding machine, cup mask pure color screen printing machine, cup mask breathing valve automatic welding machine, etc.


1. Cup-shaped mask forming machine

The cup-shaped mask forming machine can automatically carry out the multi-processes from feeding to one-time forming, cutting and returning. Compared with traditional manual feeding, returning and cutting, it can save 3 to 5 people. It can produce 30-36 masks per minute. It selects PLC control system software and touch screen setting. The actual operation is simple and convenient. It can be applied in a single-person stand-alone version, and only requires manpower to understand and load. Greatly improve productivity.


2. Cup mask mask machine

The cup-shaped mask mask machine is also known as the automatic slicer, which mainly uses the basic principles of ultrasonic laser cutting and automatic welding and edging to cut into pieces and special-shaped laser cutting and welding. This equipment handles the defects of traditional lace machines such as inaccurate positioning, inaccurate specification manipulation, low productivity and high labor cost. It integrates many technological processes such as unwinding, roller pulling, ultrasonic laser cutting, waste separation, and finished product segmentation, which greatly improves productivity, reduces product costs, and makes products more standardized and quality. Stable, the appearance design is more beautiful and generous.


3. Rotary cup mask welding automatic slicer

Rotary cup-shaped mask edge welding and punching machine, mainly using the basic principles of ultrasonic welding and fully automatic edging, to perform the welding and shearing steps of the edge of the cup-shaped mask. This equipment combines the creativity of the two previous completely separate technological processes of cup-shaped mask fusion and shearing. Multi-process roulette, additional cutting equipment for electric welding and welding, and the two engines of electric welding and cutting are working separately. Select PLC control system software, touch display screen setting, the actual operation is simple and convenient, and it can be applied in single-person stand-alone version. It only needs to be loaded and loaded by employees, which can save manpower and make the production of cup masks more Simple and convenient.


4. Cup-shaped mask breathing valve automatic punching machine

Cup-shaped mask breathing valve automatic punching machine is used to develop the opening of the breathing valve at the front end of the cup-shaped mask. The mechanical power switch is selected. The actual operation is simple. The size of the punching machine and the protective mask abrasive can be designed according to customer satisfaction. Production and manufacture of idealized opening machines and equipment for masks with breathing valves.


5. Cup mask nose line fitting machine

The cup-shaped mask nose line bonding machine is mainly suitable for the bonding of the nose bridge bone line of the cup-shaped mask, instead of traditional hand-made to cater. The equipment applies pneumatic basic principles of fitness exercise and auxiliary perming equipment. Precise positioning during work, easy actual operation, strong and efficient adhesive compressive strength; it is an ideal machine equipment for the N95/cup/three-dimensional/dust mask manufacturing industry.


6. Cup-shaped mask ear with nut spot welding machine

Cup-shaped mask ear belt nut spot welding machine is mainly suitable for electric welding welding of plan view, ear canal belt/external ear canal belt, cup-shaped mask, duckbill valve type and other special-shaped protective masks. The device uses genuine ultrasonic transducers, stable output, high-quality components assembled, reliable characteristics, the entire device design is clever, and the actual operation is convenient. The key is suitable for N95 masks (cup masks, dust masks, duckbill valve protection Masks, flat masks, etc.) ear strap welding design scheme, with high production efficiency, simple actual operation, stable quality, etc.;


Fully Auto Ear Loop Attaching machine for flat mask

Fully Auto Ear Loop Attaching machine for flat mask

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