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The specific production process of medical masks (2)

Release time: 2021-01-08

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The specific production process of medical masks (2)

3. Meltblown non-woven fabric production

Melt Blowing is a polymer extrusion non-woven process. It is a filter material with ultra-fine filtration effect developed by the US Navy in 1954 to collect radioactive particles produced by nuclear tests. Then around 1965, Exxon, 3M And other companies manufactured the first generation of meltblown nonwoven equipment.

The principle of the process is to use high-speed hot air to draw the thin stream of polymer melt extruded from the orifice of the die, thereby forming ultra-fine fibers and condensing on the net curtain or drum, relying on self-adhesion to become a non-woven The principle of cloth and spinning is as follows:

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The meltblown material is made of its own fibers by heat melting, and the thicker meltblown non-woven fabric is produced by the meltblown method. The random and interlayer arrangement of the fibers forms a multi-curved channel structure of the meltblown material, so that the particulate matter (new coronavirus aerosol ) Will collide with the fiber and be stranded.

Key points: The filtering mechanism of medical masks is Brownian diffusion, retention, inertial collision, gravity sedimentation and electrostatic adsorption. The first four are all physical factors, which are the natural characteristics of non-woven fabrics produced by the meltblown method. The filterability is about 35%; this does not meet the requirements of medical masks. We need to electret the materials to make the fibers Be charged and use static electricity to capture the aerosol where the new coronavirus is located.

the medical mask

4. Electret processing

Electrostatic adsorption is the capture of new coronavirus droplets (aerosols) through the Coulomb force of charged fibers. The principle is to make the surface of the filter material more open, the ability to capture particles can be grabbed, and the charge density increases, the adsorption and polarization effects of particles are stronger, so the meltblown non-woven filter material of the filter layer must be electret treated , In order to achieve 95% filterability without changing the respiratory resistance, to effectively prevent viruses.

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Masks must achieve a barrier effect while ensuring comfortable ventilation. The inhalation resistance of medical masks generally does not exceed 343.2 Pascals (Pa), and the inspiratory resistance of civilian masks is less than 135 Pascals (Pa).

The electret treatment can greatly improve the filtration efficiency without changing the breathing resistance, and the higher the electret voltage, the higher the material filtration efficiency. Generally, the electret voltage should be 30Kv~60Kv, and the electret time should be more than 20 seconds.

The final medical high-melt finger melt-blown non-woven fabric material produced is probably like this, 20,000 yuan/ton.