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The specific production process of medical masks (3)

Release time: 2021-01-11

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The specific production process of medical masks (3)

5. Mask production line

The problem of raw materials has been solved. The production of masks is nothing more than stacking and stacking materials to maintain the production line capacity. This is very fast, and they are all automated production lines. With a mask machine of 185,000, it can produce 100 masks per minute, and the daily production capacity for 24 hours without stopping is 144,000 masks.

Flat mask fully Auto Machine

A small mask factory may require 10 people. The equipment includes a mask forming machine, a mask pressing machine, a mask trimming machine, a breathing valve punching machine, a nose bridge line fitting machine, an ear band spot welding machine, a breathing valve welding machine, etc. Wait, the total investment is estimated to be 500,000. However, it takes 60 days for the equipment to arrive.

6. Ethylene oxide disinfection

If it is an ordinary mask, it does not need to be disinfected, but for medical use, the manufacturer needs to use an ethylene oxide (EO) disinfection cabinet for disinfection. Put the mask in a 400mg/L ethylene oxide environment, and use alkylation to act on the hydroxyl group to inactivate the microbial macromolecules and achieve the purpose of sterilization.

Flat mask

However, ethylene oxide is not only flammable and explosive, but also toxic to the human body. Therefore, it needs to stand for 7 days for analysis after disinfection. After the EO residue is lower than the required value, it can be packaged and delivered for medical staff.

Therefore, the unit that produces medical masks needs to have the "Medical Device Operating Enterprise License"!

Therefore, mask manufacturers need to send masks to the Quality Supervision Bureau for inspection, and meet the requirements of the national standard GB18279.1-2015 and the international standard ISO11135:2014, because ethylene oxide is also a carcinogen.

Draw a key point:

Only medical masks produced according to the above process are produced with high-melt finger meltblown non-woven fabrics to produce filter materials, electret treatment to increase electrostatic adsorption, disinfect with ethylene oxide after production and stand for 7 days to analyze ethylene oxide , Is a qualified, safe medical mask that can be used to isolate the spread of the new coronavirus.

the medical mask

Therefore, the widespread use of ultraviolet rays to kill viruses, dry steam and wet steam, have destroyed the static electricity and fiber structure of the filter layer, and the filter performance has dropped to 35%.

Even with the use of sunlight to kill viruses, the mask continuously absorbs the water vapor exhaled by people, which will also cause the loss of the filter layer's charge, the electrostatic adsorption capacity will drop to zero, and the filtering effect will return to about 35%. Is it useful for ordinary people? That's definitely better than nothing.

But is it useful for medical staff?

It's useless. Therefore, if medical staff make their own masks, it is basically equivalent to fighting the virus in casual clothes.