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Detailed explanation of automatic 1+1 mask machine equipment

Release time: 2020-07-21

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Detailed explanation of automatic 1+1 mask machine equipment

Mask machines can be divided into flat mask machines, KN95 mask machines, cup-shaped mask machines, etc. There are certain differences in the mask machine equipment required for different types of mask machines. For example, a flat mask machine can be divided into a 1+1 type automatic mask machine, or a welding machine can be added to form a 1+2 type automatic mask machine.


This article introduces you to the detailed equipment of the fully automatic 1+1 mask machine.

fully automatic 1+1 mask machine 

Fully automatic 1+1 mask machine

Most of the automatic 1+1 mask machines are flat mask machines, and their main production equipment is: a fully automatic flat mask machine and an ear band spot welding machine. The advantage of this flat face mask machine is that only one operator can operate the entire content of the entire face mask machine production line, realizing fully automated flat face mask production.


The operator only needs to put the raw material on the conveyor belt, and the machine can automatically operate the raw material feeding, automatic conveying, cutting off the nose bridge, mask edge welding, folding, ultrasonic fusion, forming, cutting and other procedures, completing the process from the coil raw material to the finished mask The entire production process. The mask produced has a high-quality experience that is comfortable to wear and does not have a sense of pressure, and the filtering effect of the mask is good, which meets international medical standards.


If the ear strap spot welding in the fully automatic 1+1 flat mask machine is an outer ear strap welding machine, the production efficiency of the mask can also be greatly improved. Because the outer ear band spot welding machine has the fastest production speed among all ear band spot welding machines, and its price is relatively moderate, it is the best match for the flat mask machine.


ear strap spot welding

Ear strap spot welding

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