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Operation instructions of automatic medical protective mask machine

Release time: 2020-12-11

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Operation instructions of automatic medical protective mask machine

This write-up mostly introduces the particular operation approaches of the automatic medical safety mask maker. Proper use the mask device can extend the service life of the machine and also minimize the failure price of the automated medical safety mask machine.

Operation instructions of automatic medical protective mask machine


Prep work and also examination prior to operation

1. Prior to the equipment runs, examine and clean the surface of the machine to make sure that it runs smoothly
2. Inspect whether the fasteners of each part of the mask device are loose
3. Examine whether the electrical components are properly installed and also harmed
4. Examine whether each data sheet is the needed value, whether the transmission components and also the oil filling component are adequately lubricated
5. Inspect whether the refined resources are sufficient
6. After attaching the power, turn on the power switch to examine whether the power is typical and whether the indication light is working normally
7. Before beginning the automated procedure setting, check whether the device is completely reset

automatic medical protective mask machine

Relaxing shelf
1. According to the requirements of the material shelf, select the ideal threading paper tube and material roll size
2. Change the positioning setting of the product and the facility line of the main equipment roller, which can be finished by readjusting the plug and flat readjusting the seat placement

Ontology maker
1. Hit the products on the product axis of the product rack respectively
2. Turn on the control box and also the power switch, the sign light gets on, after starting, adjust the guv to the appropriate rate and transform the changing button to OFF

medical protective mask machine

The above is the operating instructions of the automatic clinical safety mask device. If you have an interest in the mask maker, please call Strong H Mask Machine Production Co., Ltd. to allow us recognize your demands and also ideas.