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Brief introduction of automatic plane mask machine

Release time: 2020-07-09

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Brief introduction of automatic plane mask machine

Full-automatic plane mask machine is a machine for producing plane masks in the current factory. It is mainly composed of a mask body machine and two ear belt machines. An automatic conveyor belt and a connecting machine are added. Edge banding and cutting finished products are all automated operations, and only the operator needs to feed the materials to complete the entire production process.


The automatic plane mask machine is also called 1+2 plane mask machine, and some plane mask machine is 1+1 (one mask body machine and one ear belt machine). The realization of full automation improves the production efficiency of the mask and reduces the labor cost. In the process of producing masks, the mask machine uses ultrasonic welding. The finished masks produced in this way are beautiful, hygienic and environmentally friendly, and can effectively reduce the error rate.


The 1+1 automatic plane mask machine

The fully automatic 1+1 plane mask machine

The automatic production process of the fully automatic 1+1 plane mask machine mainly includes:

1. Automatically transport raw materials

2. Automatically cut the nose bridge

3. Automatic welding of mask edges

4. Automatic folding mask

5. Automatic ultrasonic fusion mask

6. Automatic molding

7. Automatic cutting and trimming


In the fully automatic 1+1 plane mask machine, the ear strap machine often used is the outer ear strap machine, because the outer ear strap machine is more efficient in welding the ear strap than the inner ear strap machine, and is not prone to errors. The second is the inner ear strap machine, and finally the strap-type ear strap machine.


The ear-band plane mask produced by the automatic plane mask machine has the characteristics of comfortable wearing, no pressure, good filtering effect, and can be adjusted independently according to the face. It is suitable for medical, electronics, construction and other industries, and can also be used in daily life protection.


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