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How to debug the high-speed non-woven mask equipment?

Release time: 2020-11-05

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How to debug the high-speed non-woven mask equipment?

The high-speed non-woven mask device can produce a large number of masks quickly as well as is the front runner of several mask makers. Before the high-speed non-woven mask equipment runs, the mask maker requires to be debugged.


Today, Strong H Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. presents you the debugging technique of the high-speed non-woven mask maker:


high-speed non-woven mask equipment

The high-speed non-woven mask maker utilizes ultrasonic welding. When the mask is looked to the handling position, ultrasonic waves are instantly generated, which produces micro-amplitude and also high-frequency vibration on the ear straps, and swiftly transforms them right into warmth to thaw the product to be refined.


The ear bands are permanently pasted or installed on the within the mask body. It is a handling procedure for the production of internal ear masks. Just one administrator needs to put the mask body piece by piece in the mask tray. The subsequent actions are automatically operated by the tools until the end of the item.


debug the high-speed non-woven mask equipment

1. Turn on the start-stop button as well as the power switch, the integrated light of the power switch is on.


2. Adjust the air pressure. The atmospheric pressure valve is under the operating table. You can discover the air pressure valve by opening the door of the tools. Adjust the pressure according to the specific conditions. When some mechanisms are not integrated, increase the stress. The operating atmospheric pressure is typically Change within the variety of 0.2 ~ 0.6 MPa.


high-speed non-woven mask machine

3. When the equipment is quit, activate the power switch of the ultrasonic generator as well as press the "Sound Wave Examination" switch. If the amplitude indicator climbs sharply and goes beyond 100, it means that the regularity is as well far from the resonance factor as well as the "Acoustic Wave Change" knob have to be readjusted. Take a look at the amplitude screen, press the "Sound Wave Examination" discovery switch with the left hand (not greater than 3 secs), and transform the "Sound Wave Modification" knob with the right-hand man to change the tip of the amplitude display to the nadir. When changing, if the amplitude indication indicator does not fall yet rises, transform the "sound wave modification" knob in the opposite instructions. The analysis of the amplitude indicator indication is within 50, and also the reading of the ammeter sign is below 0.6 A, which is a better working problem. After readjusting the sound wave, tighten the butterfly nut as well as close the safety cover.


high-speed non-woven mask making machine

4. The assessment of the air conditioning follower, to find whether the air conditioning follower is running usually, to ensure that the ultrasonic transducer can compete a long period of time while it is functioning.


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