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These 5 problems occur when debugging KN95 mask machine? The cause of the fault has been found

Release time: 2020-07-17

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These 5 problems occur when debugging KN95 mask machine? The cause of the fault has been found

KN95 mask machine is the main equipment for the production of KN95 masks. During the production process, it is necessary to adjust the mask machine to reduce the production error rate of masks. However, during the debugging process, there will always be some problems that lead to debugging failure. Read this article to analyze all the reasons for debugging failure for you.


KN95 mask machine

KN95 mask machine

Problem 1: When the welding button is pressed, the welding head is lowered, but it does not rise after welding


Cause Analysis:

1. Insufficient air pressure

2. Poor contact of solenoid valve

3. The time adjustment switch is damaged


Problem 2: Overload indicator is on during operation


Cause Analysis:

1. Loose welding head

2. Improper adjustment of flat rate

3. Welding head rupture

4. Excessive pressure

5. Machine power is too small


Problem 3: The power indicator is bad, the vibration of the vibration box fan is slow, the vibration cannot be generated, or the welding strength is weak


Cause Analysis:

1. Low power supply voltage

2. The input transformer is damaged

3. Poor contact of the power socket


Question 4: Press the welding button, the welding head will fall down, but it will rise without vibration


Cause Analysis:

1. The downstroke has not reached the welding position

2. Poor contact of the travel switch

3. Bad pressure trigger system


Question 5: Air pressure, power supply, welding head are normal, but can not start


Cause Analysis:

1. Poor contact of emergency up button

2. Defective program control circuit

3. The start button is damaged

4. The solenoid valve is damaged


These are the five common problems in the debugging process of KN95 mask machine. If you have other problems during the debugging process, please consult your mask machine supplier.


KN95 mask machine

KN95 mask machine

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