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Which flat face mask machine is worth buying?

Release time: 2020-07-24

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Which flat face mask machine is worth buying?

This article strongly recommends a cost-effective, high-efficiency and high-efficiency automatic flat face mask machine. This face mask machine is mainly operated by a full servo control system, with a high efficiency of 100 pieces per minute and fully automated production.


Flat mask machine

Automatic flat face mask machine

The high-speed automatic floor plan ear mask machine production line is an automatic high-speed floor plan ear mask production line newly developed and designed by Strong H Mask Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd., including automatic raw material delivery, automatic transportation, disconnection of the bridge of the nose, Protective masks edge welding, telescopic, ultrasonic welding, forming, disconnection, transmission, automatic rotation, ear-band welding, automatic feeding and other full-process automation technologies, realizing everything from tube raw materials to finished protective masks Processing process.


Its newly upgraded one-to-one flat-face mask machine with outer ear is operated by an excellent full servo control system, and is developed by technically professional engineering project staff. It is the current stage of production and manufacturing speed, extremely reliable, and fully equipped with masks Equipment, only need to put the production and manufacturing raw materials equipment on the feeding shelf, after the normal deployment, the machine equipment is mass produced, only one staff member must actually operate the packaging, completely complete the full line of automated production, the machine equipment adopts ultrasonic welding, and the style is beautiful Generous, environmental sanitation and environmental protection.


Automatic disposable flat mask machine integrated into product model regulations.


The production goal is that the medical surgical mask is composed of three layers of non-woven fabric. The surface layer is a non-woven fabric that is dry and moisture-proof. The key is to block the liquid sprayed by the patient. The filter layer in the middle is made of electret solution. Polypropylene meltblown non-woven fabric.


Machine equipment characteristics of automatic disposable flat mask machine:

1. Fully automatic tension control of raw materials. Ensure that the raw material support is balanced.

2. Optical inspection of raw materials to prevent errors and reduce consumption.

3. It can produce the three-layer mask itself, and the length of the plan view on the conveyor belt of the finished product is 1200mm.

4. This machine has functions of total output counting and division counting, and the total number of division counting can be set at will.

5. The whole machine equipment adopts sheet metal parts + aluminum alloy profile structure, which is beautiful and generous, firm and non-corrosive.

6. Modular design, emotional design and convenient maintenance.