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Maintenance technique of high-speed non-woven mask making equipment

Release time: 2020-10-26

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Maintenance technique of high-speed non-woven mask making equipment

As we all recognize, a lot of mask machines are constructed from aluminum alloy. Although aluminum alloy has super anti-oxidation capacity, it will still be rusted. This calls for maintenance of the high-speed non-woven mask making device in day-to-day production. Today, let me learn exactly how to preserve the mask maker with Strong H Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

The high-speed non-woven mask making machine can carry out maintenance according to the complying with parts, as well as the power should be shut off throughout the entire upkeep process.


high-speed non-woven mask making equipment

1. Ultrasonic system software

Every person needs to examine very early to examine whether the system software program of the mask equipment is maintained tidy whatsoever times, specifically the ultrasonic power box, the ultrasonic mold and mildew as well as the vibrator should be maintained completely dry as well as clean, as well as the electrode connection line should be examined regularly whether it is firm and also neat. Additionally, when examining the damages level of the ultrasonic mold, you should likewise take note of the adjustment series of the ammeter as well as the ammeter needle on the ultrasonic electric box.


high-speed non-woven mask making equipment

2. Pneumatically-driven control valve

The gas filter cup of the mask maker devices have to be examined to see if there is water added, as well as include water to the air compressor by the way. For areas with high ambient moisture, the air compressor need to be loaded daily to help with the examination of all bronchial tubes as well as cyndrical tubes. The problem of the vapor, and afterwards to make sure that the equipment as well as devices can run generally during job.

high-speed non-woven mask making machine


3. Look

Protective masks are endured the face, and also non-woven masks need to adhere to the medical professional into the clinic. Consequently, the manufacturing of protective masks should have high guidelines on the sanitation of the mask equipment as well as tools. Consequently, the majority of them need to Till the end of leave work, some specialist cleansing personnel are designated to perform the cleansing and upkeep of the mask machine equipment as well as tools. The countertops of the closets as well as the meals consisting of protective masks during the working of the cleaning equipment. However, it should be noted that the equipment and also tools can not be washed quickly with tap water. Currently, some quickly volatile cleaning fluid of ethanol have to be made use of to clean the mask machine.

high-speed non-woven mask machine


4. Circuit system

Inspect whether the RF port of the power circuit of the mask equipment hangs, whether the major power plug and also branch power cord are harmed or brittle, whether the power plug remains in a completely dry native environment, as well as the exhaust fan on the device devices is Not having the ability to function typically.


high-speed non-woven mask equipment

5. Transmission

The transmission gadget consists of essential components such as motor, transmission equipment, reducer, sprocket chain, transmission chain, and also conveyor belt. It is needed to examine quickly whether the motor is accompanied by dust or other things that might endanger warm, whether the transmission equipment as well as sprocket chain are fueled oil, if there are without a doubt some appendages, it has to be cleaned and tidy currently, and also whether the rigidity of the transmission chain is suitable. Whether the linking screws in the middle of the transmission system components are loose, whether the oil of the reducer is still sufficient, under typical scenarios, the mechanical tools must be changed every 1000-1500 hrs.


high-speed non-woven making mask equipment

6. Anti-rust treatment

The equipment as well as devices of the high-speed non-woven mask making device has to not be tarnished with corrosive fluids and also objects, consisting of sweat. Since sweat is really simple to cause deterioration of parts on equipment as well as devices. If the equipment and tools are not benefiting a long time, at this time, the transmission device of the non-woven mask and the rust-prone components must be covered with rust inhibitor.


high-speed non-woven mask machinery

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