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How is the KN95 welding gear mold produced?

Release time: 2021-01-20

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How is the KN95 welding gear mold produced?

Looking back on the epidemic, the "mask machine" has undoubtedly become the hot spot for the start of this year's automation in the vast production of masks.

The mask machine is a new type of equipment developed for the production of masks for customers; it uses 1~4 layers of PP spunbond non-woven fabric, activated carbon and filtering materials as the feeding material (according to the filtering performance of the raw materials used, it can reach KN95, FFP2 Different standards), the mask is made by ultrasonic technology, the mask is clearly embossed, the welding is fast, and the speed is fast, which meets the requirements of product performance, and the design of the mask strictly meets the European and American testing standards, all of which are fully automated to control the production of masks. Important, high-tech assistance should not be underestimated, every detail must be professional and rigorous, and the quality of the mask machine parts is excellent.

mask machine accessories

N95 masks require stronger virus filtering effect and tightness, and the production process is more complicated. We use intelligent manufacturing technology to process the KN95 mask production line to make the production more professional.

In the mask filming machine, the KN95 welding gear mold is the key component. So how is the KN95 welding gear mold produced by tracing the source?

Strong H Machinery Technology focuses on the research and development, manufacturing, production, processing and sales of mask machine accessories. The company now produces and processes various mask machine parts such as: automatic one-to-two mask machine, N95 mask machine, folding mask machine, semi-automatic mask machine parts, welding gear shaft, gear die shaft, cutter roller, welding head, Customization of standard and non-standard parts of slider, knife rest, nose bridge blade, sharp knife, side plate and chrome-plated parts.

mask machine accessories

The factory has precise four-axis five-axis CNC equipment, the company has sophisticated CNC machining center equipment, rich technical experience, advanced production equipment, especially for various mask machine gear mold shafts, knife sticks and other parts with unique processing methods.

Fully automatic folding mask production line (such as N95 mask), the equipment is filled with the entire roll, the multi-layer non-woven fabric roll is compounded by roll welding, the nose line is unrolled and cut and then welded, two rolls of ear straps are automatically unrolled, and cut to length.

After cutting and welding, the body is folded in half, and after ultrasonic welding and fusion, the mask is rolled into shape. The mask produced is comfortable to wear, good filtering effect, and fits human face shape. This machine adopts PLC, touch screen control, the main conveyor belt adopts one-way motor transmission, precise transmission, stable control, and adjustable speed.

Strong H Machinery Technology can guarantee the quality of the equipment while ensuring the delivery time of the mask machine. Welcome to consult.