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How to buy a mask machine in 2020 (updated)

Release time: 2020-07-03

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How to buy a mask machine in 2020 (updated)

Different mask machines produce different kinds of masks. Now that masks are a must-have, do you want to be one of the mask manufacturers? If the answer is Yes, then you need to know clearly how to buy a mask machine to obtain the highest production efficiency and produce the best quality masks.


All the following content is provided by Strong H Mask Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd.:


First of all, before buying a mask machine, you need to know the classification of the mask machine clearly. The mask machines currently on the market are mainly divided into: plane mask machines, N95 mask machines, duckbill mask machines, folding mask machines, etc. Among the many mask machines, the plane mask machine is the most popular variety at present, because the disposable medical masks commonly used by people are made by the plane mask machine.


The plane mask machine is divided into two types: inner ear strap and outer ear strap. The difference between the inner ear strap and the outer ear strap is whether the ear strap is welded on the outside or inside of the mask. Compared with the two, the external ear mask machine is more productive. Only one operator is required to place the mask manufacturing materials on the conveyor belt. The subsequent processes are automatically completed by the mask machine, the work process time is short, and the output is also It is higher than the general ear strap machine.


mask machine

The plane mask machine

The working process of the external ear mask machine is as follows:

1. Manual feeding

2. Automatic feeding of ear straps

3. Ultrasonic earband welding

4. Non-woven fabric side belt feeding and wrapping

5. Ultrasonic sideband welding

6. Sideband cutting

7. Finished product output

8. Count

9. Finished product stacking

10. Conveyor belt device delivery


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