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How are masks produced by mask machines?(2020)

Release time: 2020-06-29

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How are masks produced by mask machines?(2020)

Today, with the outbreak of the COVID-19 , masks have become a necessity for people's daily lives. At the same time, we also have to understand the mask machine that produces masks. How are masks produced by mask machines? Strong H Machinery Technology (LaiZhou) Co., Ltd. introduces you to various knowledge about the mask machine in detail.


The mask machine is a multi-layer non-woven fabric that is formed by hot pressing and folding, and then ultrasonic welding, waste removal, and ear strap bridge welding are used to manufacture various masks with a certain filter core. Due to the different types of mask machines, the masks produced are also very different, such as: disposable medical masks, N95 masks, duckbill masks, non-woven flat masks, these are produced by different mask machines.


mask machine

The mask machine is not a single machine, but multiple combined machines that require various processes to cooperate with each other. This is because in view of the uniqueness of the mask, the mask needs to be sterile and clean, and it is best to have no human contact during the whole process. With the advancement of science and technology, the mask machine has also changed from a manual operation to a fully automatic mask machine at the beginning. It not only improves the efficiency of mask production, but also saves labor costs. It is the most suitable machine for manufacturing masks.


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