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Features of 1+1 type automatic flat mask machine

Release time: 2020-08-10

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Features of 1+1 type automatic flat mask machine

The characteristics of the entire equipment of the automatic 1+1 disposable flat face mask machine are introduced in detail:


the automatic 1+1 disposable flat face mask machine

1. Fully automated manufacturing technology such as fully automatic unwinding of raw materials, automatic transportation, disconnection of the bridge of the nose, edge welding of protective masks, ultrasonic welding, forming disconnection, and welding of ear wires, with high production;


2. PLC programming control and servo motor driver on the computer, the operation reliability is good, the repair rate is low;


3. Fully automatic tension sensor for unwinding of non-proof cloth waterproof coiled material to ensure the balance of feeding support force;


4. Fiber optic sensing inspects raw materials to prevent defective products from under-material production and reduce consumption;


5. The fancy style of the melting point of the protective mask itself can be specified by the customer, and it is possible to produce different specifications and different styles of protective masks by replacing the abrasive tools;


6. The whole machine and equipment are constructed of aluminum alloy profiles, which are beautiful, solid and not rusty.


the automatic 1+1 disposable flat face mask machine

The SAOL-03/12 automatic mask machine is a centralized technical energy for scientific and technological research, and the automatic mask production line developed by it can produce disposable three-layer flat masks. The production line uses the 1+1 integrated plan (1 automatic filming machine + 1 ear wire automatic welding machine), and PLC programming on the computer is used to complete the automatic unwinding, automatic transportation, and disconnection of the nose. With full-manufacturing automation technologies such as edge electric welding, ultrasonic welding, forming and disconnection, and electric welding of ear wires, the production capacity of over-loading in 24 hours can achieve 120,000 pieces per day.


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