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What are the key systems of the mask machine?

Release time: 2020-08-13

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What are the key systems of the mask machine?

The mask machine is not a single machine, but several machines work together to complete the mask production line. What are the key systems of the mask machine, do you know? This article is provided by Strong H Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to explain the key systems of the mask machine in detail.


Fully Auto Flat Mask Machine

Architecture system

1. The aluminum alloy profile and aluminum profile accessories are assembled together.


Automatic feeding system:

1. The aluminum alloy profile frame is firm and beautiful, ensuring accurate specifications of finished products;

2. Stainless steel plate tooling fixture, which can be adjusted up and down;

3. Set the tensioning wheel to adjust the tightness of the fabric width, thereby reasonably ensuring the beauty and flatness of the finished product;

4. Independent nose line transportation group, convenient adjustment and maintenance.


Folding forming system:

1. Plug-in built-in telescopic equipment, easy and convenient calibration

2. Large-diameter welding wheel, reasonable reduction of commodity deformation.


Fully Auto Machine for KN95 MASK

Ultrasonic heat sealing system:

1. Titanium alloy molds. In the case that most mask machinery manufacturers use aluminum alloy profiles, Lijin Group mask machines have long shown and actively advocate customers to use titanium alloy molds, due to the relative ease of air oxidation of aluminum alloy profiles. , Easy to crack, not suitable for long-term overtime, actual operation, short application cycle and other defects. The advantages of titanium alloy are self-evident:


A. Good ductility, suitable for long-term development;

B. The heat/ultrasonic wave conductivity is strong, which ensures that the actual welding effect of the product is beautiful and generous;

C. High strength, not easy to crack, deform and rust;

D. Although the cost is about ten times away from that of aluminum alloy profiles, from the perspective of overall production and manufacturing economic benefits, choosing titanium alloy molds is significantly better than aluminum alloy profiles.


2. Imported ultrasonic ultrasonic transducer, 20K international frequency specification, the output is more powerful and stable; plus 2 sets of ultrasonic systems to reasonably ensure the welding quality of the goods.


3. The PLC program manipulates the entire device posture, reducing the practical operation difficulty coefficient of the application staff.


Feeding system

1. Form two pieces of goods at one time to increase the production rate

2. The product feeding part is fully automatic stacking, which facilitates the combing and stacking of finished products, which saves the cost for the next process flow.


Fully Auto Machine for KN95 MASK

The mask machine composed of the above five key systems has stable characteristics of the entire equipment, continuously adjustable production rate, high production efficiency, up to 160 pieces per minute, convenient and accurate counting, high raw material usage, actual operation and adjustment Simple and convenient, high level of automation technology, reasonable reduction of labor costs.


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