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Brother Brand Juki Brand Kansai Brand Industrial Sewing Machine Spare Parts

product usage:Multipurpose、for leather、for quilting、Commercial、for factory、Replacement、Mechanical、Industrial、Sewing industry、Textile、for factory、for automation、Commercial、Replacement、Mechanical、
The product styletype:Fixed Knife、Moving Knife、Upper Knife、Lower Knife、Cutting Knives、Knives、Metal、Vertical、Small、Rotary、steel plate、carbon steel、The steel plate、Ordinary steel、Imported steel、High speed steel、Tungsten steel、alloy steel、supper alloy steel、Stainless steel、Q235、SPCC、SCM415、15CrMo、42CrMo、SK5、SKS7、SKD11、Cr12MoV、YG8WF05、YG6X、W6Mo5Cr4V2、SKH9、APS2053、SUS301SUS304、AUS8、
product attribute:Automatic、Mobile、Universal、Adjustable、Customized、high precision、precision machined、Durable、Simple Structure、Easy To Assemble、Stable Performance、Long Service Life、Low Price、High Quality、Reusable、Made In China、Easy to operate、Laborsaving、
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  • StrongH

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Brother Brand Juki Brand Kansai Brand Industrial Sewing Machine Spare Parts

STRONG H MACHINERY TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD Provide high-quality sewing machine parts and equipment to countries all over the world


The superior performance of our products Durable Sewing Easy To Install Sharp Sewing
Low Price High Precision Corrosion Resistant
High Quality Long Service Life  Reusable


We import high quality steel from Germany to make the blade,having strong strength to cut fabric/leather/fiber,etc.We can provides highly competitive one-stop solutions of prodcuts design,developing,quality control and after sale service.All kinds of spare parts is mainly used in GT machines.

Excellent features you can find from our blades:

♥Extreme sharp.

♥Strong quality and durable.

♥High precise size details.

♥Any type blade for choice.

♥Competitive price from factory directly

♥100% safery guarantee for your payment and the shipment.

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Others Sewing Machine Parts

The other sewing machine products we produce are of high quality, durable and long-lasting

Our sewing machine parts and sewing machine equipment are sold all over the world to guarantee the quality. We are a world-class supplier.
We have a professional sales team to guide you after-sales installation. Welcome your consultation.

Some of the best-selling straight knife types Eight Inche Straight Knife Ten Inche Straight Knife Twelve Inche Straight Knife
Eight Inche Alloy Steel Straight Knife Ten Inche Alloy Steel Straight Knife Twelve Inche Alloy Steel Straight Knife
Eight Inche High Alloy Steel Straight Knife Ten Inche High Alloy Steel Straight Knife Twelve Inche High Alloy Steel Straight Knife
Eight Inche High Speed Steel Straight Knife Ten Inche High Speed Steel Straight Knife Twelve Inche High Speed Steel Straight Knife

  Strongh Brand Stable Performance Long Service Life Straight Knife


The other sewing machine

Company Profile

STRONG H MACHINERY TECHNOLOGY (Laizhou) CO.,LTD is an exclusively foreign-owned enterprise founded in 1996.

The company manufactures more than thirty thousand products of six series including knife, needle plate, feed dog, presser foot, needle clamp and knives . Durkopp Brand Pegasus Brand Kansai Brand Sewing Machine Parts.

Now the company has more than1,600 employees, having a rich-experienced and creative management team as well as highly quality staff. The company occupying 80,000 square meters, equipped with WEDM-LS, CNC machining centers, meshbelt furnace, vacuum furnace, multifunctional furnace and other advanced machining equipment, can undertake production capacity of three million sets per month. The company invests money in special technological innovation, R & D funding for the further upgrading production technology every year.

StrongH Company Picture

StrongH company strengthStrongH Company Certificate of Honor

StrongH Company Picture

Company certificate

StrongH Company Qualification


Q:How long experience are your company specialized in sewing machine parts?
A: 20 years from 1996.
Q:How to make order to us?
A:We need item No.or item picture and order quantity.
Q:Do you provide free sample?
A:Yes we can provide free sample .But you need to pay courier charge.

Q:How long it will be to get samples?

A: For stocked blades,It only needs 1 day for sending you samples .

For customized blade drawing,it may be within 20-30 days samples.Q:What's about your quality?

A:We always supply good quality product. We inspect the goods before every shipment.We want to establish long term business relationship with every customer.

We can supply many kinds of sewing machine knife , gauge sets and trimmer device, At the same time sell high-quality mask machines KF94 mask machine, KN95 mask machine  more than 95% products we have enough stock, so can make the shipment quickly. If you have any requirement, please contact us freely.

We warmly welcome every customer to send us drawings for making customized product.  

Contact with us ,you will get more than what you can !


An advanced brand of sewing machine parts——Strong H




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