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What is the meaning of sewing machine knife?

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The sewing machine knife is an important part of the sewing machine, without it, the sewing machine cannot work normally. Therefore, the quality of sewing machine knife will directly affect the efficiency of the sewing machine.

  • How to change the sewing machine knife?

  • How to adjust the sewing machine knife?

  • How to adjust the sewing machine knife without resetting after cutting?

How to change the sewing machine knife?

Industrial sewing machine knifes cut the thread continuously. As long as you hear the thread cut, you will quickly think that the cutter is blunt. If you change the cutter or cut the thread, you will think about whether the position of the thread trimming cam is shifted and can be adjusted. The problem cannot be found if transferred. In fact, the movable and fixed knives used under normal conditions are not so stingy and blunt. The fixed knives used by the company for 2-3 years have not been repaired until today. According to observations, 80% of the reason why the new machine cuts the thread is because the belt is too loose, or the thread scraps are entangled on the motor wheel or the hand wheel, so that the sewing machine knife slips, causing the lower needle stop position to be inaccurate. In serious cases , when preparing for thread trimming after parking, the needle should be at the lower needle stop position, but the needle is on the needle plate. At this time, the thread trimming electromagnet suction table trimming cam roller does not catch the thread trimming position, and the moving knife Will not retreat, causing the machine to cut uninterrupted threads.

How to adjust the sewing machine knife?

The adjustment method first loosen the two fastening screws of the thread trimming cam, align the engraved dot on the upper wheel (according to the line) with the engraved dot on the casing, and then push the bobbin brake to the left until it stops the bobbin , Rotate the thread trimming cam with your right hand, so that the bottom thread front knife roller enters the curved groove on the thread trimming cam, and the sewing machine knife continues to rotate the cam in the same direction as the rotation direction of the lower shaft.

How to adjust the sewing machine knife without resetting after cutting?

The length of the upper thread cut by the sewing machine knife and the tension of the thread take-up spring have a lot to do with the adjustment of the thread path. If the thread path is tight, the thread take-up spring tension is high, the upper thread will be short, and the sewing machine knife cannot be reset correctly. Therefore, sewing machine knife can be adjusted in the following ways:

  1. Adjust the sewing machine knife parameters and opening angle. The larger the closing angle, the longer the face line.

  2. Check the thread path, and the thread take-up spring and knob should not be too tight;

  3. Adjust the height of the thread buckle fork, the higher the adjustment will make the upper thread longer.

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